A small indie gamedev group from the PNW, making games that are sweet and dark; Mortally Moonstruck Games is a collaborative creation from Autumn and Elita, a couple of game developers who love creepy and cute things.

Autumn is an all-around talented programmer and game developer who primarily works on implementation, but is skilled in many aspects of game development.
Elita is an illustrator and designer who focuses on art, story, and conceptualization.

Together we collaborate with our friends on cute games about horror, fantasy, and queer romance.

Other Collaborators at Mortally Moonstruck Games include:

Elita @WieldAdventure on Twitter
Autumn Greenley @AutumnotopiaDev on Twitter
Steph @Omnimouto on Twitter
Andrew Tran @BearLovingNerd on Twitter
Zaozoruzhna @Zaozoruzhna on Twitter
Joey ---
Rose ---
For more detailed information on contributions, check out the credits for specific games!